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“I am back from the Antarctic and I would like to say thank you very much for the fantastic underwear by MOLA MOLA that I have worn all the time during the expedition on land as well as on the dives. She kept me warm and was very comfortable to wear. I can just recommend her.

See you in Düsseldorf on the BOAT.” 

Sabine Kerkau



Thermo active clothing from the “600 FT” series was for Czarek Abramowski a successful replacement of a warmer during long and deep technical dives in Dahab in the winter of 2017.

“Test of thick “600 FT” underwear from our local Mola Mola company.

More and more often we take our dry suits to Egypt, especially in the winter, and we always ask ourselves the eternal question: what to wear under the drysuit? A thick undersuit, as we use it in Poland? – too much, thermo active underwear only? – a little not enough, so what? Buy a thinner undersuit? Our Polish Mola Mola company contacted me with the offer of testing their latest thick underwear with a mysterious name: 600 FT

Test country: Egypt

Date: December

Conditions: water 21-22 degrees Celsius, dives up to 50 minutes

Test subjects:

- IWONA, representing the “I’m always cold” group and

- the second group sensitive to cold, „instructor at work”, i.e. myself

We both use dry suits commonly cold „oilcloths”: I use Bare X-mission and Iwona Dui TLS. Nice, comfortable and light for travelling, but with minimum warming function, so underwear has to do it all.

We both had a pleasant surprise because the underwear itself did the job and we can truly recommend it as an alternative for thin undersuits. What is more, it can always be used as basic underwear with a thick undersuit in Poland… (…) the function of undersuit and underwear in one sounds quite interesting.”

Czarek Abramowski

SDI & TDI  Advanced Trimix Instructor Trainer
ERDI CPROX/CPR1st Instructor Trainer
PADI & DSAT Instructor
IANTD nTMX Instructor


Thermoactive clothing “600 FT” once again was successfully tested under extreme conditions. After the Arctic, it was time for Antarctica. Water at a temperature of 0 Celsius did not cool down the diving team. The participants’ opinion was unequivocal: “600 FT” clothing passed the exam in extremely cold waters.


It would be difficult to imagine a better place for testing our products than cold waters of Lake Baikal. During winter Siberian expedition, Russian divers were wearing “cool thermoactive” clothing and they were effectively protected against cold both on as well as under the water.


In 2015, the Polish Nevado Tres Cruces 2015 MedExpedition team set a Guinness world record in diving at the highest lake on Earth (5915 meters above sea level) in the Chilean Andes. During the expedition a group of divers, climbers and scientists carried out a series of medical tests to investigate how the human body behaves during a dive at high altitudes. MOLA MOLA thermo active clothing from the “cool thermoactive” series was subject to tests during diving in order to verify thermal comfort in extremely cold waters.

We would like to thank Mola Mola company for providing us with great thermal clothing without which such expedition is difficult to imagine”.

- Nevado Tres Cruces 2015 MedExpedition Team


Clothing from the “cool thermoactive” series was subject to testing during the expedition to Spitsbergen, together with specially designed caps with additional internal polar fleece insulation. During a dozen hours spent on the boat in the immediate vicinity of glaciers the clothing ensured efficient protection against cold wind and low temperatures.


In 2014 Ela Benducka, Polish record-breaker in women’s diving (190m) performed several long dives in Florida caves. Clothing from the “cool thermoactive” series in configuration with thin drysuit with trilaminate (without additional undersuit) ensured Ela’s thermal comfort.

I must recommend the MOLA MOLA product. It is truly amazing. Sometimes you have to try something to believe it. My cave divein in Florida lasted an average of 110-130 minutes yet I was not cold despite the thinness of the suit. MOLA MOLA gave me so much thermal protection that I am speechless!

Ela Benducka – Polish record holderin female diving – 190m.



While trekking on the border of Venezuela and Brazil, expedition members used thermo active underwear with silver ions from the “bio line” series. The underwear fulfilled its function by ensuring comfort during several days of marching in extreme conditions (humidity, high temperatures).

We take MOLA MOLA thermo active underwear with ourselves to face difficult conditions of South American jungle, to the Gran Sabana upland and finally to Roraima itself. (…) I don’t know how you did it, but I wander through jungles and volcanos using military equipment, and your Model works better than US ARMY products with silver ions and I’m here also talking about the situations when for a few days I don’t take my shoes off, and there’re rivers and swamps on my way ;)”.

– Przemek Trześniowski, ALPHA-DIVERS. Nurek jaskiniowy, techniczny, rebreatherowy, instruktor nurkowania technicznego IANTD, instruktor nurkowania rekreacyjnego PADI i ratownictwa nurkowego DAN, archeolog podwodny NAS.